London Latin Mass Apostolate

Holy Angels Parish

502 Talbot Road, St Thomas, Ontario

Weekly Sunday Mass at 1:30 PM

Fr. John Johnson

Fr. Tom Ferrera – Fr. David Johnston

London Latin Mass Apostolate Committee

Questions or comments may be directed to Jacqui Connolly (secretary, 519-284-4848)

or Philip Prins (chairman, 519-461-0832).

February 19, 2017

Sexagesima Sunday

Proper of the Mass: 85

Processional Hymn: Father, We Thank Thee – 676 (CBWII)

Kyrie:  Kyrie Orbis Factor ad libitum – 794

Sung Mass: Mass XI Missa Orbis Factor – 740

Credo IV: 780

Marian Antiphon: Ave Regina Caelorum – 951

Recessional Hymn: He Who Would Valiant Be – see back

(Hymns and chants in St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal unless otherwise noted)

Last Week’s Offering: $392.25

This Week’s Intention: Parishioners of St. George, London

Next Week’s Intention: Gerald & Barbara Prins

Coffee Sunday

Please join us next Sunday, February 26, for a social time downstairs after Mass.  Coffee will be provided; please bring snacks and juice.

2017 Donation Envelopes

The new year’s envelopes are available; please pick them up as soon as possible. If you have made any changes to your address, please speak with Michael Paul or Phil Prins, or write it on your envelope this week.

New regular members of the London Latin Mass Apostolate are always welcome! If you should like to have regular contribution envelopes (so your contributions are recorded, and you receive an income tax receipt), please contact someone from the Committee (see below).

He Who Would Valiant Be

He who would valiant be              Who so beset him round

‘Gainst all disaster,                                With dismal stories

Let him in constancy                              Do but themselves confound

Follow the Master.                                 His strength the more is.

There’s no discouragement                     No foes shall stay his might;

Shall make him once relent                     Though he with giants fight,

His first avowed intent                             He will make good his right

To be a pilgrim.                                      To be a pilgrim.

                                    Since, Lord, Thou dost defend

                                    Us with Thy Spirit,

                                    We know we at the end,

                                    Shall life inherit.

                                    Then fancies flee away!

                                    I’ll fear not what men say,

                                    I’ll labour night and day

                                    To be a pilgrim.

 Please pray for the ongoing work and activities of the

London Latin Mass Apostolate!


London Latin Mass Apostolate Committee

There is a Committee in place to help the associate priests organise the many aspects of the London Latin Mass Community:

Jacqui Connolly, Virginia Miller, Ron Timmers, Brian Anderson, Michael Paul, & Philip Prins