London Latin Mass Apostolate

Holy Angels Parish

502 Talbot Road, St Thomas, Ontario

Weekly Sunday Mass at 1:30 PM

Fr. John Johnson

Fr. Tom Ferrera – Fr. David Johnston

London Latin Mass Apostolate Committee

Questions or comments may be directed to Jacqui Connolly (secretary, 519-284-4848)

or Philip Prins (chairman, 519-461-0832).

April 2, 2017

Fifth Sunday of Lent –  First Sunday of Passiontide

Proper of the Mass: 125

Processional Hymn: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – 838

Kyrie: Kyrie, Mode 1 – 762 (top)

Sung Mass: Mass XVII – 762

Credo IV: 780

Marian Antiphon: Ave Regina Caelorum – 951

Recessional Hymn: How Hast Thou Offended? – 836

(Hymns and chants in St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal unless otherwise noted)

Last Week’s Offering: $537.80

This Week’s Intention: Deceased parents of Jerry & Dasha Lacina

[Next week’s intention:  Michelle Kotynek]

Easter Sunday Mass

Note that the Mass on Easter Sunday will be at 11:00 am.

Donation Envelopes

New regular members of the London Latin Mass Apostolate are always welcome! If you should like to have regular contribution envelopes (so your contributions are recorded, and you receive an income tax receipt), please contact someone from the Committee (see below).

Gregorian Chant

On this webpage can be found videos of the Mass settings for those who would like to hear them as an aid to learning:

Altar Boys

The London Latin Mass Apostolate is in need of altar servers. If any men or boys above the age of seven wish to serve the Mass, please come to the sacristy after Sunday Mass and speak to Father John. Training sessions can be arranged.

The Choir’s Offertory Hymn

is Vexilla Regis.  We provide the translation:

  1. Abroad the regal banners fly, 2. Who, wounded with a direful spear,

Now shines the Cross’s mystery:                          Did purposely to wash us clear

Upon it Life did death endure,                                 From stain of sin, pour out a flood

And yet by death did life procure.                          Of precious water mixed with blood.

  1. That which the prophet-king of old 4. O lovely and refulgent Tree,

Hath in mysterious verse foretold,                          Adorned with purpled majesty;

Is now accomplished, whilst we see                     Culled from a worthy stock, to bear

God ruling the nations from a Tree.                        Those limbs which sanctified were.

  1. Blest Tree, whose happy branches bore 6. Hail Cross, of hopes the most sublime!

The wealth that did the world restore;                   Now, in the mournful Passion time;

The beam that did that Body weigh                        Grant to the just increase of grace,

Which raised up Hell’s expected prey.                   And every sinner’s crimes efface.

  1. Blest Trinity, salvation’s spring

                                                May every soul Thy praises sing;

                                                To those Thou grantest conquest by

                                                The Holy Cross, rewards supply.  Amen.

                                                                        Venantius Fortunatus (530-609)

Please pray for the ongoing work and activities of the

London Latin Mass Apostolate!


London Latin Mass Apostolate Committee

There is a Committee in place to help the associate priests organise the many aspects of the London Latin Mass Community:

Jacqui Connolly, Virginia Miller, Ron Timmers, Brian Anderson, Michael Paul, & Philip Prins