London Latin Mass Apostolate

Holy Angels Parish

502 Talbot Road, St Thomas, Ontario

Weekly Sunday Mass at 1:30 PM

Fr. John Johnson

Fr. Tom Ferrera – Fr. David Johnston

London Latin Mass Apostolate Committee

Questions or comments may be directed to Jacqui Connolly (secretary, 519-284-4848)

or Philip Prins (chairman, 519-461-0832).

May 28, 2017

Sunday after the Ascension

Proper of the Mass: 292

Processional Hymn: Aeterna Christi Munera – see back

Sung Mass: Mass IV Cunctipotens Genitor Deus – 710

Credo III: 776

Marian Antiphon: Regina Caeli – 954

Recessional Hymn: Sing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise –  508 (CBW II)

(Hymns and chants in St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal unless otherwise noted)

Last Week’s Offering: $862.25

This Week’s Intention: Pacheco & Braga families (deceased members)

[Next week’s intention: Roger & Mary Goosen]

Corpus Christi

We will celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Rite on Thursday, June 15, in honour of Corpus Christi. Details to come.

Aeterna Christi Munera

1. Eternal Monarch, King most high,

Whose blood hath brought redemption nigh,

By whom the death of death was wrought,

And conquering grace’s battle fought:

2. Ascending by the starry road,

This day Thou wentest home to God,

By heaven to power unending called,

And by no human hand installed.

3. That so, in nature’s triple frame,

Each heavenly and each earthly name,

And things in hell’s abyss abhorred,

May bend the knee and own Him Lord.

4. Yea, angels tremble when they see

How changed is our humanity;

That flesh hath purged what flesh had stained,

And God, the flesh of God, hath reigned.

5. Be Thou our joy, O mighty Lord,

As Thou wilt be our great reward;

Earth’s joys to Thee are nothing worth,

Thou joy and crown of heaven and earth.

6. To Thee we therefore humbly pray

That Thou wouldst purge our sins away,

And draw our hearts by cords of grace

To Thy celestial dwelling-place.

7. All glory, Lord, to Thee we pay,

Ascending o’er the stars today;

All glory, as is ever meet,

To Father and to Paraclete.  Amen.

Please pray for the ongoing work and activities of the

London Latin Mass Apostolate!


 London Latin Mass Apostolate Committee

There is a Committee in place to help the associate priests organise the many aspects of the London Latin Mass Community:

Jacqui Connolly, Virginia Miller, Ron Timmers, Brian Anderson, Michael Paul, & Philip Prins